Polland Hopia Christmas Set

  • A massive set of 10 delicious assorted hopia flavors that are sure to delight the whole family.
  • Flavors include: Mongo Special, Hopia Baboy, Black Mongo, Ube Hopia, Hopia Dice Mongo, Hopia Hapon, Hopia Kundol, Hopia Pinya, Ube Queso Hopia, and Hopia Ube Langka.
  • This whole set contains 46 pieces of our bestsellers and special flavors. Packaged in our glossy red and gold box, complete with gold elastic band and gift tag. Perfect for holiday gift giving!
  • Expiry Date: 1 month (including pickup date and delivery)
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Traditionally Crafted Since 1966

We’ve been baking our famous & authentic Chinese-style hopia since 1966.

For half a century, our signature flaky crust and melt-in-your-mouth filling have been delighting our customers for generations.

Each batch is made fresh daily; with our main branch in Mayon Quezon City opening its doors every 7:30 AM to serve fresh out-of-the-oven goodness! Throughout the day, you’re sure to expect boxes of hot hopia on the shelves, with flavors ranging from the traditional Mongo Special (Yellow Mung Bean cake) and Hopia Baboy (Savoury Wintermelon cake) to the more out of the ordinary Pandan Hopia, Durian Hopia, and Ube Queso Hopia.

We are also known for our other items like the Tikoy (Glutinous Rice Cake) and Mooncakes, which are not only delicious, but affordable as well. During special Chinese festivals like Chinese New Year, we even offer handpainted fish shaped tikoy and gold bar tikoy.

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