sesame hopia zoomedThere’s nothing like a good piece of hopia that’s just been taken out of the oven. The warm, buttery smell fills the room, letting your lips look forward to biting into its crisp, flaky golden crust, and tasting that melt-in-your-mouth creamy filling. Suddenly everything feels like sunshine.

Most of our loyal customers know that you can experience that from our main branch in Mayon, where fresh hopia is made daily. That’s why they’ve been falling in line since 1972 to get it there before it’s even packed in boxes.

Fast forward to 2012, we at Polland Hopia decided it’s about time that all of our customers (yes, you) be able to replicate the same fresh out-of-the-oven quality when they take one of our boxes of hopia home with them.

To make that possible, we have recently improved our pastry crust to turn crispy and flaky even when it is toasted in your home oven toaster. Not only that, doing so also gives you that velvety smooth filling that simply melts in your mouth!

Don’t have an oven toaster? Well our hopia can also be toasted with the help of your microwave! Sounds crazy but we’ve tried it and it works. Just make sure to not toast it in the microwave for more than 30 seconds, and to only keep it at medium power.

To share the experience with all of you, we’ve been bringing along our mini oven to expos to show people what our hopia is like after it’s toasted. Not only that, we also give it away for free. You heard us! Free hopia!

So the next time you buy a pack of our flaky crust hopia, try it toasted.
You’ll love it.


Traditionally Crafted Since 1966

We’ve been baking our famous & authentic Chinese-style hopia since 1966.

For half a century, our signature flaky crust and melt-in-your-mouth filling have been delighting our customers for generations.

Each batch is made fresh daily; with our main branch in Mayon Quezon City opening its doors every 7:30 AM to serve fresh out-of-the-oven goodness! Throughout the day, you’re sure to expect boxes of hot hopia on the shelves, with flavors ranging from the traditional Mongo Special (Yellow Mung Bean cake) and Hopia Baboy (Savoury Wintermelon cake) to the more out of the ordinary Pandan Hopia, Durian Hopia, and Ube Queso Hopia.

We are also known for our other items like the Tikoy (Glutinous Rice Cake) and Mooncakes, which are not only delicious, but affordable as well. During special Chinese festivals like Chinese New Year, we even offer handpainted fish shaped tikoy and gold bar tikoy.

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