A Dive Into the Filipino Pasalubong Culture

Every Filipino child has been promised by their parent or parent figure of a pasalubong. For starters, a pasalubong is a token from a trip. Whether a trip is as short as a drive to the mall, or a journey as far and long as one to another country, the assurance of someone’s safe coming home is signified by a pasalubong.

Hopa has been a staple in the Fil-Chi and Filipino communities and homes for generations. There is art and commitment to bringing home good pasalubong to loved ones. Our wide selection of hopia, tikoy, mooncake, and other Chinese merienda and pasalubong make our brand among the easiest gifts to offer to friends and family. With every bite of our Traditional Chinese Hopia, our dedication to authentic taste and texture is displayed. There’s no denying that the flaky crust of our hopia is unlike any other in the local market. Generations of hopia lovers can attest to our consistent and committed production, having been around since 1966 and still staying true to our founder’s hopia craftsmanship.

When bringing home pasalubong to family and friends, you must consider getting something that can rest on their shelves for a little longer than a week. From our store, you can take home boxes of packed hopia that have a storage life of one month. Hot- from-the-oven hopia can be enjoyed up to a week after they’ve been baked. Our vacuum-sealed tikoy can withstand the harshest sanitary critics.

The next time you need to bring home pasalubong to your family, be sure to grab some from Polland Hopia. We’ve been in the business since 1966 and we’ve grown alongside our patrons. With brand new flavors and all-new products, you can say we take pasalubong seriously.