Christmas in the Philippines: The Best in the World

In some parts of the world, the Christmas season doesn’t start until the end of Thanksgiving. Other countries forego the celebration for religious purposes. However, in the Philippines, Christmastime begins as soon as the clock strikes 12 on September 1st.

Apart from missing our world-class Polland Hopia *ehem*, Filipinos abroad also miss Christmas in the motherland. According to them, there’s just no place like home when it comes to celebrating the season. One of the reasons that make Christmas in the Philippines the best is the community. It doesn’t matter if you come bearing gifts or just chismis, everyone’s welcome at the table. For Filipinos and Tsinoys, no get-together is complete without great food. Home cooks whip out their beloved dishes during Noche Buena. Every family has a specific dish they’re proud of. They make sure to serve it during Christmas.

On the topic of food, Christmastime is where we share the gift of food with family and friends. Filipino delicacies, both inspired by Chinese and Spanish cultures, are often gifted to loved ones. Snacks and desserts like ube, leche flan, and hopia are some of the most popular choices for food gifts. Hamon, embutido, and bottled delicacies are among the options for savory food ideas.

Sharing Hopia Happiness

Christmas is a time for families to celebrate traditions while enjoying additions or modifications to long-standing heritage. For family and friends who are keen on keeping traditions, our Mongo Special Hopia is a huge hit. Loved ones who are more into trying out new flavors would enjoy our Choco Fudge and Coffee Fudge.

As with Filipino Christmas, there’s always something for everyone here at Polland Hopia. Head over to our website to shop your Polland cravings!