Consider These Items for Chinese New Year Gift-Giving

The Chinese New Year is just around the corner. The celebration comes with many traditions, including gift-giving. While the term “traditional” may have a negative connotation, especially to those who love everything modern, there sure is beauty in giving long-established gift items to friends and family during the Chinese New Year.

Every traditional gift holds a special significance. Ang Pao, or the lucky red envelope, are given to kids and even adults. Of course, you’d need to slip in a few crispy bills before gifting it to another. This kind of traditional gift is a great way to wish others life, luck, and happiness.

A staple during the Chinese New Year celebration, tikoy is gifted and served to loved ones to welcome luck, closeness, and happiness among families. Often enjoyed with hot tea or by itself, tikoy comes in different flavors, shapes, and sizes. We even make tikoy shaped like a gold bar and a koi fish—tikoi... get it? Our gold-bar-shaped and koi- shaped tikoy can be displayed in the corners of your home to attract luck and prosperity all year round.

Still on the topic of food, mooncakes make for a great Chinese New Year gift, too. While mooncake is best known as a gift during the Mid-Autumn Festival, many Tsinoys snack on these during the Lunar New Year. The seeds, nuts, and sweets in our mooncake help you wish your loved ones longevity, prosperity, and a sweet start to the new year.

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