Five Reasons to Gift Good Food this Christmas

Filipinos are known for being foodies. Any foreign national who has met a Filipino will be able to tell you just how excited we are when talking about food. Tsinoys and Pinoys alike are incredible cooks and tasters. With a palate as wide as ours, we make great food gifters.

Food is a Universal Language

Everyone needs something to fill their belly. When it comes to gifting food, it’s easy to do it right the first time. Simple yet thoughtful snacks, such as our hopia, make the perfect food gift regardless of receivers’ ages. If they end up loving your gift, you can easily gift it to them again next year.

A Gift Within Your Budget

Gift giving during Christmas shouldn’t become a burden. Here at Polland Hopia, we offer food choices that fit your budget. You can be sure to adjust your budget accordingly when choosing food as gifts for Christmas.

Versatility is King

Unlike clothing, household items, appliances, and other gift options, food is versatile. You can gift your loved ones with food that appeals to their taste. Moreover, you can give them food items you want them to try out. In gifting food, you’ll never run out of choices.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Truly, it’s the thoughtfulness in your giving that’s going to weigh the greatest. When you give your loved ones food you know they would enjoy, it’s highly likely they would appreciate your thoughtfulness more than the gift.

Convenience in Busy Times

How many times have you picked up a gift an hour before a party? One of the best reasons for gifting food is its convenience. Here at Polland Hopia, we roll with convenience in mind. With physical stores all over the metro and an online store, you can spread Hopia Happiness in the clutch.