Food and Culture: Reminders to Not Skip Manila

Not all cities are created equal. Manila is a testament to this phrase. It’s a city brimming with people, various cultures, and a whole lot of history. And whenever there is history and cultural diversity, there’s incredible food. In this blog post, learn how you can experience the wonderful history and flavorful food of Manila in a unique way.

Don’t Skip Manila is a passion project by some of the city’s staunch history advocates. Their commitment to sharing about Manila’s storied past includes advocating for the appreciation for its best-kept gastronomic secrets and the conservation of its rich architectural heritage. After being sidetracked by the pandemic, the passion company resumed its Binondo Food Crawl in September with a limited three-Saturday run.

Several participants of the tour recount the hopia-making class headed by our team at Polland Hopia to be one of the highlights of the Binondo Food Crawl. The stop at the Escolta branch saw participants take a breather by taking seats while learning about the history of the Traditional Chinese Hopia. Participants were provided with three elements to combine: two kinds of dough and the classic sweet mongo filling. With thorough instructions, a bit of a fun contest, participants were able to make, bake, and take home their traditionally-crafted hopia.

The other stops of the Binondo Food Crawl include New Po Heng Lumpia House, Lan Zhou La Mien, and the Lucky Chinatown Museum. At the Museum, guests can have a sneak peek of the original look of the first Polland branch, complete with the baking instruments Go So Po used to make Traditional Chinese Hopia.

Here at Polland Hopia, we uphold Manila’s rich gastronomic culture and even richer history. Get in touch with our friends at Don’t Skip Manila to know more about their Binondo Food Crawl. Be sure to drop by our Escolta branch to get a taste of our famous hopia while taking a trip down memory lane.