Four Reasons Filipinos Love a Good Merienda

For starters, the concept of merienda was introduced to the Philippines by the Spaniards. Often signaling breaks either in the morning or in the afternoon, a good merienda is something many Pinoys and Tsinoys look forward to in their day. In this blog, learn about the four reasons Filipinos can’t say no to a good merienda.

Through generations, the definition of merienda has evolved. From being a formal snack between lunch and dinner, it now simply means grabbing a snack at any time of the day. Without a doubt, Pinoys and Tsinoys love to eat. Every province and every town has its own delicacy or dish it’s famous for. Our love for food makes us great snack makers. We ensure that the snacks we make are tasty and nutritious, much like our Mongo Special. Local snacks are rarely made with no nutritional value. A good merienda like our hopia, kuchai-ah, siopao, and machang help meet nutritional needs while appealing to one’s palate.

It’s no secret that Pinoys and Tsinoys take pride in discovering and serving the best snacks. Our Asian heritage allows us to have the appetite to enjoy a wide variety of snacks, both sweet and savory. We have the taste for snacks that some nationalities won’t even dare look at. For many, enjoying a good merienda is a matter of culture and tradition. Snacks such as hopia and tikoy have cultural significance. With regard to tradition, meal timing is not unusual to us. Snacking in between meal times is simply something we’ve grown accustomed to. In a typical Pinoy/Tsinoy household, a good merienda brings people together, a sign of hospitality.

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