Kain Tayo! Polland Hopia on Sharing Happiness Through Food

If you live in the Philippines, you know how much our communities love snacking and feasting. When family and friends come to visit, it won’t be a proper welcome if you haven’t prepared anything on the table. In school, one of the best and fastest ways to bond is by sharing food during breaks or even during class (depends on your comfort and angas level!). In this article, we share a few reasons sharing food in school is a good idea.

We at Polland Hopia believe that sharing food multiplies happiness. One of the reasons it does so is that it creates positive memories. Food is often linked to positive experiences. Sharing meals or snacks with classmates can create lasting impressions, making the overall school experience more enjoyable and memorable. In a world full of deadlines and other academic pressures, sharing a meal can help reduce stress. Trying out new and trendy snacks such as the Choco Fudge is a surefire way to make you feel relieved after a hard day’s work!

Not all students have the same budget. Others may have a lot, while some may have little. Eating together promotes generosity and kindness. The act of sharing food is inherently generous and kind. It creates a loving atmosphere where individuals are willing to contribute and give to others, fostering a sense of goodwill and empathy within the group. Sometimes, it’s hard to break into a group. We at Polland Hopia believe that sharing food can break down social barriers and make people feel more comfortable with one another. It's a simple yet effective way to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, especially in situations where individuals might be new to a group or setting.

The next time you’re in charge of picking out snacks for the group, be sure to choose ones that have a fun element to it, such as our Choco Fudge and Coffee Fudge Hopia. Bonus tip: Ask a friend to share a Choco Fudge Hopia with you, pull it apart, and see how far you can stretch the fudge!

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