On Proper Etiquette During Chinese New Year

Every celebration has its own etiquette or set of traditions, rules, or standards. The Chinese New Year is a celebration of the turning of the lunar year that definitely follows a certain etiquette in order to attract luck, not drive it away. Read on to know the Dos and Don’ts for the Chinese New Year.


Let’s start with the dos! To honor tradition, Tsinoys light fireworks and firecrackers to make noise. In the past, Chinese villagers lit firecrackers and fireworks to drive away evil spirits and bad luck. The noise these crackers make scare away anything that isn’t welcome. Ever wonder why most Chinese snacks given as gifts are in the shape of a circle? In Chinese culture, as a circle resembles coins, it is considered lucky. So, eat lucky food! It’s important to throw out broken and tattered belongings before the new year enters. Replacing old and broken items with new ones welcomes luck and prosperity. On the topic of throwing out broken and tattered items in your home, be sure to wear new clothes (red!) as you welcome the new year. Wearing white or dark colored clothes during CNY may gain unhappy reactions from others. Be sure to wear the brightest red clothes to bring in luck and prosperity.


Like the dos, the don’ts for the Chinese New Year celebration are pretty straightforward. Avoid cutting anything or placing pointy objects in plain sight during the celebration. Doing this is believed to cut off luck and wealth. With respect to people’s hustle and finances, don’t lend or borrow money prior and during the celebration. It’s important to settle your debts before the new year. Lending or borrowing money during CNY represents economic hardship. We don’t want that! Refrain from expressing negative emotions. Crying and other unpleasant emotions don’t have a place during the celebration.Expressing jealousy, anger, and sadness during CNY is frowned upon. Elders believe that the emotion you express during the celebration dictates your general emotional state for the new year. Reserve your spring cleaning way before the CNY celebration! Sweeping during CNY drives out luck. Remember: don’t sweep, nor throw the garbage out. Do these prior to the celebration.

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