Polland Hopia: Four Reasons to Gift Mooncake to Your Loved Ones

With the Mid-Autumn Festival drawing closer, stories about mooncakes and other festival-related gifts and traditions circulate our feeds. During this season, many give and receive mooncakes to their loved ones. It’s a sweet gesture that’s widely appreciated even after the festival is done. Here at Polland Hopia, we love to give you good reasons to enjoy great food. Read on to know why mooncakes make for an excellent gift.

Reason #1: It’s a Treat

Kicking off the short list is one straightforward reason: mooncakes are an incredible snack. Whether you’re a fan of newer flavors or a stickler for traditional ones, there’s always a mooncake for you. Our flavors like the Yellow Mongo, Black Mongo, Mixed Nuts, Lotus Seed, and Ube appeal not only to your sweet tooth, but also your savory sense. Talk about that duck egg yolk center—yum!

Reason #2: It’s a Well-Loved Gift

Across different nations with Chinese ties, mooncakes are a well-known gift not only to family and friends, but also to business partners. Gifting mooncakes signify that you value reunions and stronger ties. It’s common for Fil-Chi families and businesses to allocate budgets for such delicious gifts.

Reason #3: It Signifies Strong Bond Among Families

Chinese families from around the world gather together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. What better way to start the festivities but to share a mooncake? According to tradition, mooncakes should never be eaten whole. Instead, it should be cut into four and shared with your loved ones.

Reason #4: It Comes With a Lot of Fun

If you want a snack that can bring a storm of fun to the party, mooncakes are your best bet. Since we’re Polland Hopia and we’re a lot of fun *wink*, our “Huego“ or Dice Game Set includes our authentic Chinese flaky crust hopia that comes in various sizes. The Mooncake Dice Game leaves no one without a prize. The winner gets the largest piece, or Chong Wan, while the rest may receive the smaller pieces.

Now that you’re read up on all the reasons to give mooncakes this season, it’s time take action. Click here to check out all our mooncake offerings. Visit this page for a quick guide to the Mooncake Dice Game.