The Mahiwagang Kuchai-Ah

There’s just something about our Kuchai-Ah. For generations, it has been the snack our patrons can’t get enough of. Without a doubt, it sits right next to our Traditional Chinese Hopia when it comes to popularity. Let’s take a deep dive into what makes this all-time favorite a real winner.

If you haven’t tried our Kuchai-Ah, here’s an introduction that’s sure to get you on our website to order one (or a box!) after reading. For starters, Kuchai-Ah is the Chinese version of an empanada. It got its name from the herb kuchai, the highlight of this Tsinoy snack. Its shell is fried golden to perfection, highlighting its crunchy and flaky texture. The Kuchai- Ah stands out from other savory snacks not only for its excellent flavor, but also for its crispy, flaky shell.

Now that we’re done with the exterior, it’s time to talk about the anatomy of the mahiwagang Kuchai-Ah. Its filling is a mixture of juicy pork, tofu, carrots, chives, and turnips. The luscious meat and perfectly cooked vegetables make for an unforgettable snack. The Kuchai-Ah is an all-time favorite that sometimes rivals with our classic hopia.

Just like anything crafted by Polland, the Kuchai-Ah is made from the freshest ingredients. While refrigerating it for later consumption is acceptable, we highly recommend that you enjoy it right away. Besides, nothing beats the taste of a Kuchai- Ah: deep fried, but never greasy—a Polland Hopia promise.

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