What Makes a Chinese Style Hopia…Chinese?

The term “Chinese Style,” particularly when referring to food, can be loosely used. There are some entrees, snacks, and desserts that claim to be authentic Chinese, but have lost their Chinese identity having gone through various iterations. When it comes to Traditional Chinese Style Hopia, Go So Po ensured there would be no room for mistakes. Mrs. Po’s original recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, yet its quality hasn’t changed one bit.

While we at Polland Hopia have made leaps in bounds with regard to streamlining our baking processes, we see to it that we remain true to our originator’s recipe. Mrs. Po’s Traditional Chinese Style Hopia recipe involves two kinds of dough for the crust and the sweet and savory mongo fillings. The Traditional Chinese Style Hopia has to have a flaky crust. It achieves this texture by combining the two different kinds of dough. Bakers and pastry lovers may notice that a Traditional Chinese Hopia shares the same flakiness as a croissant.

Nowadays, we employ modern technology to bake handmade-like hopia. Even with this progress, we remain true to the taste, texture, and quality of an authentic Chinese Style Hopia. An immersive experience such as the Make Your Own Hopia at Polland during the Binondo Food Crawl provides patrons with a better understanding of the workings of a Traditional Chinese Style Hopia. The fun-filled activity brings out the baker in you. Moreover, it encourages a deeper appreciation for the labor that’s involved in making a Chinese Style Hopia.

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