Why Does Coffee Taste So Good With Dessert?

Every person who’s into coffee can tell you in detail how they like their caffeine fix. For anyone new to the world of coffee, the idea of incorporating this particular taste to desserts can be strange. At Polland Hopia, we do our best to satisfy your taste buds, no matter how unique they are. Here’s a closer look at why people partner coffee with dessert.

There are two possibilities as to why we reach for another sweet bite whenever we drink coffee. According to one study, caffeine blocks our brain nerve cell membrane receptors, decreasing a person’s sensitivity to sweetness. This sensation causes us to want to grab more dessert to satisfy our taste buds. However, another study points out that coffee, whether with caffeine or decaffeinated, increased participants’ ability to detect sweetness. Sweetness mutes the taste of caffeine, making desserts the perfect pair to a bitter drink.

Whether your taste buds detect less bitterness or sweetness, there’s no doubt that a good coffee-dessert pairing is always welcome. That’s why we’ve come up with the Coffee Fudge Hopia signature Polland dessert that gives you the caffeine fix you need while satisfying your sweet tooth. We offer a variety of sweet treats that you’d surely love. From our classic Mongo Special to our Hopia Custard and TikTok-famous Choco Fudge Hopia, there’s always something for everyone. Check out other hopia and non-hopia dessert options on our website.